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Ton Zijlstra ton.zijlstra at gmail.com
Wed Oct 9 02:12:15 PDT 2013

Hi Massimo, all,

Exciting initiative, FabMoney.
I am interested in money systems design as ways to build community.
A 4 yr old FabLab community building discussion on this can be found in the
comments at http://fablab.nl/2009/07/26/fablab-community-building/

For those who don't know me: have been part of the Dutch FabLab scene for 5
to 6 years. In January stepped down from the FabLab Foundation BeNeLux
board. On the advisory board of FabLab Luxembourg.

Strongly interested in making FabLabs locally relevant and globally
connected, and the community building involved with that. Also see the
recent discussion on this at

Looking forward to the exchanges here.



Interdependent Thoughts
Ton Zijlstra

ton at tonzijlstra.eu


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