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Massimo Menichinelli info at openp2pdesign.org
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Hi Ton,
I somehow missed your previous message, thank you for introducing 
yourself to the list, and thank you for the resources you have attached.
I agree with you that there should be more collaboration between 
FabLabs, more local and more global networks. I hope the FABMoney 
project could be a test in this direction, look forward to discussing it 
with you here on the list and at Fab10.

On 09/10/13 11:12 AM, Ton Zijlstra wrote:
> Hi Massimo, all,
> Exciting initiative, FabMoney.
> I am interested in money systems design as ways to build community.
> A 4 yr old FabLab community building discussion on this can be found in the
> comments at http://fablab.nl/2009/07/26/fablab-community-building/
> For those who don't know me: have been part of the Dutch FabLab scene for 5
> to 6 years. In January stepped down from the FabLab Foundation BeNeLux
> board. On the advisory board of FabLab Luxembourg.
> Strongly interested in making FabLabs locally relevant and globally
> connected, and the community building involved with that. Also see the
> recent discussion on this at
> http://fablab.nl/2013/09/29/the-failings-of-fablabs/
> Looking forward to the exchanges here.
> best,
> Ton
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