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Massimo Menichinelli info at openp2pdesign.org
Thu Oct 24 10:23:24 PDT 2013

Hi all,
welcome to the FABMoney mailing list! I've set it up in order to discuss 
about the FABMoney project. It is currently only an idea, but I would 
like to gather people around it and transform it into a real project. It 
has all the features to be a great project about the social impact of 
FabLabs, a topic that hasn't been addressed a lot.

I've been thinking about the next steps for the project, I think that 
the next ideal step would be for me to further elaborate the concept in 
a longer document and share it with all of you. Ideally in time for 
discussing the project at Fab10 in Barcelona.

But meanwhile, it would be great to hear from your what you think of the 
project, which issues do you think it should address, and what could be 
your role in its development. Let us know about this! :)

Best regards,


Massimo Menichinelli
mobile: (ITA) +39 3402971655
Skype: openp2pdesign.org
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